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Outline Resource

Outline resources may be used to document a workflow, procedure, or some other outlined content.

Each level may have any resource attached to it.

Content is not limited to degree it can be nested (indented).

Attached outline below models how a framework, based on science standards, can be utilized by professional teams can share content through folders using the linking feature. The outline resource is completed; whereas, content is added/manipulated through linked shared folders.   Multiple teachers may contribute various resources to standards specific folders.  The "consumers" of the content in turn simple need access to the outline's web address at bottom of page.

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Note that an author may set, then share access privileges. Outline below is set so that any community member may enter the access key and password found in shared folders area. In turn duplicate outline and edit their own version. The original settings does not afford editing rights as set by author.

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Outline Example(s)

  • Resource

    Oklahoma PASS: Biology I Standards

    Standards for Inquiry and the Biological Sciences

    The Priority Academic Student Skills (PASS) should be taught by investigating content, concepts, and principles of major themes in the Biological Sciences.

    One may use Access Key and Password to view and contribute to OK PASS standards folders for purpose to share benchmark lessons, test banks, related web links, and more.


    1. Be sensitive to copyright. Contributed content is intended to be orginal material produced by teachers willing to share.
    2. Login
    3. Click on Resource tab
    4. Click on Shared
    5. Enter [ 0kyw2XipKd ] in Access field
    6. Enter [ pass ] in Password field
    7. Click on Access button

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