ALCA Membership Accounts

Currently three types of memberships (accounts) are available through the Aurora Learning Community Association. These include Novice, Student, and Professional memberships. 


A Novice membership allows you to establish an account in ALCA at no cost.  As a Novice you have access to a digital locker allowing you to create any of the twenty different types of Arch Resources. One of these Arch resources is a File resource allowing you to upload computer files including Office, SmartBoard, audio, video, graphics, and dozens of other file formats. A Novice has available to them 100 mg of disk space and the ability to create up to 100 resources.

You can create your own account by registering on site.

Education Memberships

Public or private education agencies (local or state) can establish individual accounts for Professional staff and their students.

As a Student member you have the following options available to you:

 Digital Locker supporting your development of learning products including portfolios
 Ability to join an online classroom or course to participate in learning activities

As a Professional member you as a teacher or administrator have the following options available to you:

 Digital Locker supporting curriculum and assessment development, sharing, and use
 Standards Mapping supporting the unwrapping and wrapping of curriculum standards

 Lesson Planner supporting general, differentiated and RTI instruction
 Grade Manager used as a grade book and/or delivery of the Lesson Planner-based learning tasks
 Formative and benchmark assessments using checklists, rubrics, and tests
 Rooms for teacher or school web sites
 Rooms for course delivery via face to face or eLearning 
 Access to the Professional Development Center for peer collaboration and mentoring across districts

For more information about your district or other education agency joining ALCA's Professional Learning Communities, please complete the Request for Information form. We will quickly follow up with your request.


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