Professional Learning Communities: Moving Forward Together

The work of Professional Learning Communities establishes the foundation and focus for the Aurora Learning Community Association activities and collaborative efforts. ALCA is a collaboration of PLCs working together to share lessons learned and administrative, curriculum and assessment resources and to grow professionally.

ALCA facilitates the development and growth of PLCs. As PLCs are established, ALCA facilitates the sharing of resources across the PLCs to minimize the essential work required for continuous improvement in learning and professional collaboration.


ALCA is unique in that the association uses a systemic approach to PLC support. Not only do we provide PLC-related, research-based professional development and web-based resources, ALCA also provides comprehensive web-based services supporting administrators, teachers, and students in the daily identifying, analyzing, developing, using, and/or sharing of:

 Diverse assessment data sets.
 Standards Mapping.
 Pre- and Post-assessments.
 Formative assessments using checklists and rubrics.
 Standardized content and professional vocabulary.
 Effective instructional strategies for all students.
 Lesson Plans that can be conducted collaboratively across districts for highly engaging experiences.

Professional Learning Communities

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