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Web Page Resource

The Web Page Resource helps a user integrate other resourcesinto a web page format using optional templates. Web Page Resources can have Url links to each other supporting the creation of web sites.

A web site with linked Web Pages containing links to Presentation, File (including multimedia), Outline, Rubric, Lesson, Folder, and Location Resources allows rapid development of content in a collaborative environment for community users.

Ideal uses of Web Page Resources include a:

  • Home Page for a Room introducing the Room activities.
  • Standard Web Page template for Tasks.
  • Cover Page for a Presentation Resource; that is, added as the first slide.
  • Template for similar pages like lessons within a curriculum unit.
  • Web site creation.

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Attached resources include:
  • Graphic that shows available templates that may be used in the Web Page resource. New more specific templates may be added to library by community administrator.
  • Science lesson template that may be updated with a science lesson's content.
Get started making your own Webpages  by ...

Selecting Login

(if new to site)

Clicking on the Resources tab Then select the Webpage option using pull down menu.
More help may be found after login using the Help tab.


  • Resource

    Web Page Templates.png

    Graphic shows what templates appear when a new Web Page resource is created. One may select any template desired. New templates may be created specific to subjects, tasks, etc and added to template library by community administrator.
  • Resource

    Science Lesson (Template)

    This Web Page resource shows one template option that may be selected from the template library. Science teachers in turn may develop a lesson based on a layout already made for them.

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