Standards Mapping provides a process that addresses three key elements of aligning and using standards.

First, through unwrapping, educators internalize the elements of the standard including content, skills, learning targets, big ideas, and essential questions.

Second, It provides a mechanism where educators can explain in simple terms how, why, and to what extent a standard is aligned.

Third, it provides a simple wrapping process that can occur around any educational resource, assessment item, and learning task.

Using the Arch Platform, ALCA's Learning Community Management System, educators are able to document how Arch-based Resources, lesson plans, test items, learning tasks, and instructional strategies are aligned to a standard down to its content, skill, learning target, big idea, and essential question.

Development of standards aligned educational content and processes (e.g., test items, rubrics, checklists, curriculum activities and units, unit lesson plans, curriculum maps, instructional strategies) is greatly simplified using Standards Mapping.


Map Professional Activities

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