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Test Bank Resource

The Test Resource helps the user develop and assess members of a Room using multiple choice, short answer, essay, and true and false test items.

Test items can include images and other resources to support extensive applications of objective testing. For example, test items can include:

  • Videos to select the best practice.
  • Language audio files for Foreign Language assessment.
  • Comparison of data tables in Form Resources.
  • Images as multiple choice responses.

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The Test Resource can be viewed as a practice test or it can be imported into a Room Task to be used as formal assessment. In Room Tasks, the test assessment is automatically graded (multiple choice and T/F).

Attach test provides an example of a standalone practice test that could be emailed to students or attached to one's own web site.

Get started making your own Tests  by ...

Selecting Login

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Clicking on the Resources tab Then select the Test option using pull down menu.
More help may be found after login using the Help tab.

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