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Planner (Curriculum Manager)

The Plan feature is built into a room (i.e. virtual classroom).  It is not like the 20 ALCA resources in that it is not a stand alone resource that can be linked directly.  

The planner shows a series of five tasks within a table that has

Name & Description (Task Name, Description, and Enable Discussion board)

  1. Schedule (Duration, Access options, and Start and End dates)
  2. Plan (Grade Category, Curriculum Unit)
  3. Instructions (Many of the 20 resources may be embedded or type instructions directly.)
  4. Differentiation
  5. Completion (Planned/Implemented, comments)
  6. Assessment (Test, Rubric, or Checklist)
  7. Resources (Any of the 20 resource types may be attached)
  8. Standards (Any combination of PASS, TEKS, Core, ACT, etc standards may be attached)
  9. Sequences

One may enter the activities directly, but it is best to develop one's (1) resources, (2) embed into a Task resource, (3) Group tasks into a Unit resource, and (4) Import into the Planner.  


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