Welcome to the ALCA Community!

What You can Do

As an educator, when you log in you have immediate access to data and standards warehouses and a curriculum and assessment resource locker. With appropriate permissions, you can even plan, manage, and document your curriculum, assessments, and  instruction as well as your students' learning. 


Comprehend— Your Data Warehouse

Analyze most any state, benchmark, formative, and survey data all within a single, simple web page. Even students can use Comprehend to analyze and evaluate their own grade data to authentic data such as water quality data.  Comprehend is just that easy.



Standards— Your Standards Warehouse

Quickly locate a desired Common Core State standard by drilling down or by searching.  Once found, you can view the unwrapped (or unpacked) standard complete with Content, Skills, Bloom's (DoK), "I can" statements, Big Ideas, and Essential Questions. You can also add additional implicit language if needed.



Resources— Your Resource Locker

Create or use curriculum or assessment resources in your Resource Locker. You can also share your resources with peers across the ALCA Community or just within your district's Professional Learning Community (PLC) and use those shared by others. 


Rooms — Your Classrooms, Courses, and Teams

Using Rooms, you can plan quality learning and project activities integrating your data analysis (Data Warehouse), the unwrapped standards content (Standards Warehouse), and standards-mapped assessments and curriculum (Resource Locker).

You can also manage the implementation of activities with Room members while documenting learning down to the unwrapped standards' content, skills with DoK, "I can" statements, big ideas and essential questions.

What You can Use

As a member of ALCA you can engage members of other learning communities by simply using and commenting on standards-aligned curriculum resources and assessments shared across the ALCA Community.

In addition, you can achieve professional growth using available professional development, resources and collaborative activities with your peers while addressing diverse educational domains. ALCA distinguishes these familiar domains as the Seven Steps Forward.








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