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Administration Resources & Options


Following questions will help you get started in using the free resources made available by ALCA. Because there are so many ways to use the resources provided on Arch, one may not know where to start.


The questions below will help you focus on the usefulness of a single tree first, before becoming overwhelmed by the forest.


New to ALCA?
Is District a Comprehend or Arch user?
Now that I have registered, WHY?
Where do I start?  What will it look like?


 20 Free Resources for Teachers     Overview  >>
(Novice Membership)

Membership Options

    File Uploads







   Work Samples


   Web Pages
   Web Archives



   Novice (free)
      Learn more >>

       Learn more >>

      Learn more >>

   Professional Plus
      Learn more >>

Consider this. A registered user may "attach" or embed each of the above resources one to another producing a rich interactive self-contained web site. This is free for the introductory novice user. One is limited to 10 mb free storage.  Membership levels begins with the free learning tools and then expands to include a district branded Learning Community Management System.


So let's get started uploading files and creating your own learning tools today. Here's how:

  1. Select Login,  register (if new to site)
  2. Click on the Resources tab
  3. Then select the desired resource type, using the pull down menu.

More help may be located, after login, using the Help tab or contact


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