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Students Resources & Options

StudentsGroup.jpgAs a student in an online course or just documenting your own learning using portfolio resources you can be engaged in diverse learning activities. Depending on your teacher's learning tasks, you can engage other students in your class or others across the globe in conducting authentic research and knowledge sharing.


  • How smart are you?
    Check out the Standards link to see how close you are to the National Standard!


  • Do you use a website for homework frequently?
    Make a bookmark to access it easily from the Resource links!


  • Want to make sure you never miss a test?
    Check out your teacher's calendar!




enlightenedWant to track your grades?

- No problem! Check out your grades in your class manager! One can also keep track of your progress over the years by viewing your archived grades.

   Create your own profile!

-Pick your own avatar!

-Join Rooms!



You can attach 10 MB of pictures, lessons, websites, or whatever else you want to put in your profile!


So let's get started uploading files and creating your own learning tools today. Here's how:

  1. Select Login,  register (if new to site)
  2. Click on the Resources tab
  3. Then select the desired resource type, using the pull down menu.

More help may be located, after login, using the Help tab or contact


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