What is Comprehend? 

Comprehend is a web based application that is used to analysis student performance data.  Its trademark is simplicity. Various test data can be analyzed affording educators a greater depth of understanding of what the data is telling them about a student's needs.  The application was designed based on direct input by district administration and it has continued to evolve with user input.  
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Comments from Comprehend Users

Richard Rosenberger (Assistant Superintendent) requested that Comprehend include the ability to determine the number of students that percentages represented on graph reports, when placing cursor over the graph bars.  Richard writes "I am not sure I have ever had the experience to work with a vendor that not only listened to our requests, but was able to accomplish the task in a timely fashion.  Thank you so much for providing this feature."  
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What is the Arch Learning Community Management System? 

Arch is quite different that most other content and learning management systems.  It was designed to focus on community.  In essence, a resources is created and then may be delivered in a room or multiple rooms.  The resource may be delivered from many areas and rooms simultaneously.  For example when a webpage resource used for announcements, by the superintendent, is updated, it is updated for all teachers webpages.  This is unique from other systems.  

Once one of the 20 different resources, native to Arch, is created, it may be shared with those in your community your organization, a colleague, or not at all.  You have complete ownership of your intellectual property and may share with a variety of rights. For example, a group of biology teachers may want to be able to add items to a test bank but not delete it.

Most importantly, you have creative rights for how you wish to deliver your resources.  Rooms are designed to allow your to show case your resources.  A room may be for your students, parents or even your colleagues.  Many districts may just want a room for benchmark testing.  Others may want a district web site that embeds standards.  This could include student enrolled classrooms with teacher generated tasks using the Planner.  Envision a district wide digital COW (curriculum on wall) that is digital.

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