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Web Archive Resource

The Web Archive Resource helps a user in publishing web and Flash-based content. This content can be developed in Flash or web site development software programs such as Dreamweaver, Camtasia, and PowerPoint Any software program that exports into webpages can generate content for publishing within a Web Archive.

To publish the content the user creates the index.html file along with the other web pages, CSS, Flash, and JavaScript files. Placing the content into a single folder and compress it in a zipped file. The user simply uploads the zipped file as a Web Archive resource, set the frame dimensions, and it displays as a web site within the community.

Web Archive Icon

Examples of Web Archives can include:

  • Interactive Flash content.
  • Student web site projects to be attached to Work Samples.
  • Embedded Url links to ALCA resources to allow scrolling.
  • Turn-key solution for publishing web sites for users who prefer to use high-end html editors.
Get started making your own Web Archive  by ...

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Clicking on the Resources tab Then select the Web Archive option using pull down menu.
More help may be found after login using the Help tab.

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