Planning for learning or professional growth entails a keen sense of a number of planning concerns or elements (i.e., Standards Mapping, scheduling, sequencing, quality plans, task descriptions, learner instructions, differentiation, documenting improvement plans, diverse set of assessments, developing engaging resources, RTI).

These instructional and professional concerns are addressed using the Arch-based Planner. Just as in Comprehend where data can be selected, filtered, and analyzed in one window, the Planner displays five lesson plans (just like a lesson plan book) at a time in a single window allowing you to expand or collapse one or more planning elements.

The Planner supports numerous workflows. For example, you can for the first year using the Planner just focus on writing the teacher plans and wrapping them with standards. This results in a dynamically-generated diary map based on the lesson plans.

You may just want to develop benchmark assessments for students to take online. Learners can be enrolled in a room (each Arch-based Room has a Planner) where each lesson plan can be assigned to each student as a learning task.

With a Room Planner, your lesson plans can grow over time into a comprehensive online course for students within and across districts. Regardless, you can focus on just the planning elements you need and expand as necessary without losing ANY of your work.

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