Twenty different curricular resources plus most any form of uploadable file can be integrated into instructional plans for providing engaged learning and professional development. The Arch-based resources available include Activities, Bookmarks, Calendars, Checklists, eBooks, Files, Folders, Forms, Locations, Outlines, Portfolios, Presentations, Rubrics, Learning Tasks, Tests, Texts, Units, Web Archives, Web Pages, Work Samples.

You can embed these resources within each other to create highly engaging content quickly and easily. For example, A science learning task can be created by combining a Task resource and Form resource both addressing the collection and analysis of water quality data.

A second example includes the creation of a web site where Web Page resources are linked to each other and other types of resources such as videos and graphics are embedded.

A final example includes the creation of complete course curriculum including units with embedded learning tasks. These learning tasks can have rubric based formative assessments and pre- and post- assessment tests. Literally 1,000's of combinations are possible limited only on one's needs and creativity.

What about Rooms?

If you are a Professional member you can manage Arch-based Rooms to create lesson plans for students or professional tasks for members of your PLC. You can import into the Room's PLanner polished task resources or Unit resources each with dozens of embedded tasks resources. Once imported, you can publish the lesson plans to parents over the web and/or assign to individual students for completion online.

One final note, once you have your room polished complete with learning tasks and room areas, you can archive your room as a Room resource to share with other educators in other districts.

Curriculum Professional Activities


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