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Bookmark resources provide content connections to other web resources.  There are three methods for displaying web sites linked using a new window, same window, or framed content. 

Like all Arch Resources, bookmarks may be embedded within a room or resources OR displayed self-contained and independent from the ALCA web site. Make the resource on ALCA and simple email or link from own web site using the web address located at bottom of resource.

Resources attached below include:

  1. Goolge linked using basic settings.
  2. Goolge linked as framed content. One should be sensitive to copyright when using this framing option.
  3. Self-contained assignment demonstrating how HTML may be used within the bookmarks description box to create a standalone lesson for students.


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Bookmark Examples

  • Resource

    Google (Basic Link)

    This basic link simply gets one to a desired website without additional information provided. It opens up in a new window. It also could be attached to a room's content area as modeled on this web page.
  • Resource

    Google (Framed Link)

    This link opens up in a frame attached to a Room's content area. Attention needs to be paid to copyright, when utilizing frames. Using frames, one may select width and height of the frame to be displayed.
  • Resource

    Coal Calculations

        Coal to KiloWatt Calculations

    This activity appears to focus on coal and energy, but it will serve to make one aware of the diverse information explored with in APES.  

    This summer activity is an introduction to the kinds of problem solving is explored in APES.  On the first day we meet, we will explore how different students approach "getting at" the solutions. Since we have not had opportunity to discuss related information you will need to explore the internet to pull in additional information.  One has a summer to explore possible solutions.

    Grade is based on identifying applicable data from internet and developing a logical approach to solving  solutions.  NOTE:  I am interested in problem solving more so than getting the "correct" answer.

    First think through how the background information below relates to the questions asked below.  You will need to download Google Earth to access some information.


    1. Of several coal cars observed, typically the capacity was 144,000.  Pounds is assumed for the quantity.
    2. Sulfur content is in question for coal usage and resulting pollution problems.  Use the Google Earth KMZ file to determine possible source of coal.  Google Earth will open up to the location this picture was taken.  Useful data concerning coal can be located at USGS.  Be sure to look for applicable data on this site.
    3. Missing parameters (conditions) may be defined by student, but must be defendable and explained on paper.
    4. Show work using conversion factors (factor label method) to obtain answer.  This topic was introduced in chemistry courses.  If you need an review consider looking for dimensional analysis.
    5. For background you may need to get a better understanding of kilowatt - hours and how it might apply to question(s) below.  Use the formulas provided below for the overview.
    6. Consider reading information located at  Where does this equation fit in?  

    SO2 + H20 --> H2SO3


    1.  Approximately how many Mj of energy would be produced from one coal car?

    2.  Approximately how many kilowatts could be obtained from the loads of coal found in these four coal cars?  

    3.  How long would your home energy needs be provided for by these four coal cars?  Show all work and explain bases for determining solution.

    4.  How many pounds of sulfuric acid might form per coal car?

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