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Portfolio Resource

A Portfolio resource supports a user in creating a learning orprofessional portfolio of Work Samples. A Portfolio can be made accessible to other community users or even emailed as a link to others outside of the community.

Only Work Samples can be associated with a Portfolio. Depending the Work Samples' content, the Portfolio can be used to address:

  • Student growth
  • Professional growth
  • Program showcase
  • Department activities
  • Professional Learning Team (PLT) resources
  • Professional Learning Community growth

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Attached Portfolio demonstrates how a Portfolio may group various Work Sample resources containing reflections. Focus is on lesson study efforts to generate benchmark classroom activities for Physical Science.

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Selecting Login

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Clicking on the Resources tab Then select the Portfolio option using pull down menu.
More help may be found after login using the Help tab.

Portfolio Example

  • Resource

    Science Benchmark Lesson Studies

    This Portfolio contains Work Samples of benchmark lessons. New work samples are added after each revision of the lesson. The attached rubric is a guide to lesson creation, but is also open to discussion in terms of improvement.

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