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Rubric Resource

The Rubric Resource helps the user document performance orcompletion of tasks, including learning activities. A Rubric Resource can address quality of performance or simply check off the completion of tasks.

A Rubric Resource can be imported into a Room Task. Once imported, it can be used as an assessment for the learner and instructor. It can also be used as a project management tool in Project rooms. In this context, the rubric can be used to check off completion of items within a particular Room Task.

When viewing a Rubric Resource, it displays the rubric items as multiple choice items with radio buttons or checkboxes, depending on item preferences. This makes the Rubric very easy to understand and use in online and offline assessments.

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Attached rubric suggests elements needed in a lesson that contributes to the generation of end of instruction and criterian reference test items. If this was attached to a "Task" inside a Room's gradebook, one would be able to assess a teacher's proposed lesson dynamically.


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