Standards 2.png Use tools to integrate vocabulary and concept knowledge with common skills and best practices all related to the domain of learning and professional Standards.

Layer 2 — DISCOVER the value of the information in the learning standards
  • IDENTIFY specific vocabulary to address in-depth learning standard workflows.
  • CONDUCT specific learning standard workflows that COLLECT information to be analyzed.
  • ANALYZE and INVESTIGATE learning standard information to ensure its value.
  • Example:  APPLY a specific workflow to investigate learning progressions and fluency expectations.

Data Tools

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    CCSS Standards Thread Charts

    This folder contains the Standards Threads for the Common Core State Standards. It includes both a chart version and printable version for each set of standards.
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    CCSS Standards Thread Tabloid (Single Grade/Subject)

    This folder contains the Standards Threads for the Common Core State Standards. It includes a printable version for each set of standards by single grade or subject.
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    CCSS Standards Thread Trifolds

    This folder contains the CCSS Standards Threads split apart into three-year segments. The trifolds are pdf files that can be printed on tabloid size sheets (11 in by 17 in). The trifolds are ideal for use by individuals to focus on their specific grade or content area while being able to reflect on and to consider learner prior and future knowledge.
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    CCSS Thread Clouds

    This folder contains word clouds for the Common Core State Standards Threads for English Language Arts.
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    Critical Thinking Standards

    The Critical Thinking Standards provide a framework for thinking with quality in mind. This web page provides information of how to approach these standards complete with essential vocabulary.
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    Okahoma C3 Social Studies K-12 Chart.pdf

    No Description Available
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    05 Essential Words

    Knowing the right words are essential in being successful in learning. This task addresses the most essential words for learning.

    With you and your peers integrating these terms in their everyday conversations with each other and students, significant gains will take place with student assessments.

    There are only about fourteen words to embed in all of your conversations and activities with students. Many of them you probably already use.

    Standards Task (5 of 14) Time: 15 minutes
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    06 Content Vocabulary

    It is essential to use content-specific vocabulary that has been identified as important to master the content area. This link will display a very useful pdf file from the Oklahoma State Department of Education web site. Not only does this pdf file contain the vocabulary but also provides guidance on how to best teach the vocabulary.

    Standards Task (6 of 14) Time: 15 minutes
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    10 PASS Standards

    The foundation for many of your conversations are based on standards and student performance on them. Through this link, the Oklahoma PASS standards are available in the form of grade, subject, or CARG-M specific standards.

    Standards Task (10 of 14) Time: 15 minutes
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    Standards L.2 Plan Template

    Standards Icon 2.png

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