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Use Tools integrating research-based, best practices associated with educational Assessments.


Layer 2 — DISCOVER the value of assessment tools that are research-based and support best practices in the use of assessments. Possible activities:

  • IDENTIFY specific vocabulary and tools addressing specific assessment strategies (e.g., rubrics, portfolios, benchmarks).
  • CONDUCT specific assessment strategies that COLLECT quality assessment data for analysis.
  • INVESTIGATE and EVALUATE information to ensure informed decisions on selecting appropriate assessment strategies for specific needs.

Assessment Tools

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    03 Bloom's Revisited

    Understanding Bloom's Taxonomy is essential for applying Depth of Knowledge (DoK) used by the Oklahoma State Department of Education for student assessments. This task provides a review of Bloom's.

    Standards Task (3 of 14) Time: 15 minutes
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    04 DoK Vocabulary

    Knowledge of the vocabulary used to address the four levels of Depth of Knowledge (DoK) is essential for learners and educators alike. This table provides many terms categorized by DoK level.

    Standards Task (4 of 14) Time: 15 minutes
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    Is This a Trick Question?.pdf


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