Map 1.png Learn Basics addressing common vocabulary and concepts related to Standards Mapping. Standards Mapping is the combined process of unwrapping standards and wrapping the results around appropriate educational resources.

Layer 1 — EXPLORE Content, Skills, DoK, Learning Targets, Big Ideas, and Essential Questions within a standard.
  • ENGAGE prior knowledge to INTEGRATE learning standard vocabulary and processes identified in the Standards Step and standards mapping vocabulary.
  • CONDUCT standardized, guided PRACTICE on basic workflows in deconstruct a learning standard.
  • IDENTIFY the Content (nouns) and Skills (action verbs) addressed within a standard.
  • IDENTIFY the Depth of Knowledge (DoK) for a specific Skill IDENTIFIED within a standard.
  • Example: APPLY basic standards unwrapping vocabulary.
  • Example: PRACTICE unwrapping a standard into its content, skills, and depth of knowledge.

Mapping Basics

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    Reinventing Schools (RISC) Standards Based Design

    The RISC Approach to Schooling is a revolutionary approach to education that represents a dramatic shift in the educational process. The RISC approach is the first comprehensive school reform framework set up as a performance-based system rather than a Carnegie unit or time-based system. Already being implemented by more than a dozen schools and districts in the United States, RISC has caught the attention of educators in countries around the world who see it as a pathway for delivering on the promise of education for every child.

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    Mapping Glossary

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