The Layers within the ALCA Professional Framework

Four layers exist within the ALCA Framework. These layers align well to existing research and efforts by established educational researchers and practitioners (e.g, Daggit, Reeves, Marzano, Clark, and others). The layers provide a very pragmatic and simple approach to discovering and applying with mastery professional competencies. In simpliest terms, the ALCA Framework is analogous to preparing a cake:

Framework A Cake
1. Learning Basics Learn about ingredients
(e.g., Milk, cake mix, eggs) 
2. Using Tools Use Tools to mix ingredients
(e.g., bowl, mixer, spatula, spoon)
3. Creating Plans Follow Plan in how to use the tools with ingredients to create the cake
(e.g., recipe)
4. Guiding Implementation Serve the cake to family and friends evaluating the recipe's value in other social settings. Use in those settings and evaluate again.

ALCA Framework Layers


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