Data 1.pngLearn the Basics addressing common vocabulary and concepts related to the educational domain of Comprehend OCCT.

Layer 1 — EXPLORE the data and IDENTIFY foundational knowledge concerning comprehend OCCT.
  • ENGAGE prior knowledge to INTEGRATE standard comprehend OCCT vocabulary.
  • CONDUCT standardized, guided PRACTICE on basic workflows.
  • DEMONSTRATE the use of standard practices and vocabulary.
  • Example: APPLY comprehend OCCT vocabulary.
  • Example: PRACTICE accessing a data set, filter it, and create a chart. (Its just about the workflow, nothing to do with interpretation).

Data Basics

  • Resource

    Twelve Critical Acronyms Everyone Should Know

    There are twelve acronyms Oklahoma educators must know and understand to have grounded conversations with their peers concerning Oklahoma's standardized testing results. Here they are.
  • Resource

    Basic Data Analysis Vocabulary

    Glossary of terms and concepts related to data analysis.
  • Resource

    Data Analysis Vocabulary (Printable)

    This glossary of terms and concepts address basic data analysis vocabulary essential for having a grounded conversation with your peers about improving learning.

    Task: Click the link(s) below. Then, print them and include in your PLC Guide. If you have any questions concerning this content, please enter your comments below and click the Save Your Comments button.
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    Data Glossary

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    Frequency Distribution

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