Seven Step Domains

  • PLC Domain

    Members acting within the Professional Learning Community (PLC) Domain address all aspects of PLC Activities. The work of Professional Learning Communities establishes the foundation and focus for the Aurora Learning Community Association activities and collaborative efforts. ALCA is a collaboration of PLCs working together to share lessons learned and administrative, curriculum and assessment resources and to grow professionally. ALCA facilitates the development and growth of PLCs. As PLCs are established, ALCA facilitates the sharing of resources across the PLCs to minimize the essential work required for continuous improvement in learning and professional collaboration.

  • Data Domain

    PLC members acting within the Data Domain can describe the value of diverse data types and how to gather and analyze the data. Data involves the identification, collection, integration, and use of diverse and essential data sets which maybe analyzed within Comprehend. A broad range of data should be integrated (i.e., student learning, school processes, demographic, and perception).

  • Standards Domain

    The Standards Domain addresses all form of standards. In addition to learning and professional standards, standard vocabulary, professional competencies, and standard best practices are also addressed. Any concepts that apply across all domains reside in the Standards Domain. Such concepts include Depth of Knowledge (DoK), Bloom Levels, and designated performance levels for assessments.

  • Mapping Domain

    Standards Mapping provides a process that addresses three key elements of aligning and using standards.

    1. Through unwrapping, educators internalize the elements of the standard including content, skills, learning targets, big ideas, and essential questions.
    2. Standards Mapping provides a mechanism where educators can explain in simple terms how, why, and to what extent a standard is aligned.
    3. Standards Mapping provides a simple wrapping process that can occur around any educational resource, assessment item, and learning task.
  • Planning Domain

    The Planning Domain addresses all forms of Planning. Planning may be as simple as creating quality lesson plans, developing rigorous units of study or professionally conducting action research or implementing a district-wide Response to Intervention or PLC-oriented program.

  • Curriculum Domain

    The Curriculum Domain addresses all forms of Curriculum. ALCA adheres to a very broad definition of curriculum encompassing everything that makes up the educational experience for students within their schooling or educators in their professional growth.

  • Assessments Domain

    The Assessment Domain addresses all assessment strategies including formative and summative assessments and common and benchmark assessments among others. All assessments should be integrated and vertically and horizontally aligned to effectively address expectations on a national, state, and district level.

  • Strategies Domain

    The Strategies Domain addresses effective instructional strategies including all approaches to actively engage educators in professional growth and students in learning. These strategies drive instruction to meet specific learning objectives while meeting all learning styles of professionals and developmental needs of learners. Within the context of ALCA’s Strategies Domain, Strategies also encompass all approaches to PLC activities, professional growth, and parental and community-wide engagement.

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