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Learn Basics of common vocabulary and concept knowledge relating to professional and educational Strategies.


Layer 1 — EXPLORE the strategies vocabulary and IDENTIFY research-based, best practices associated with professional and learning strategies. Possible activities:

  • ENGAGE prior knowledge to INTEGRATE specific strategies vocabulary.
  • CONDUCT standardized, guided PRACTICE on strategies workflows.
  • DEMONSTRATE the use of specific strategies practice and vocabulary.
  • USE specific identified strategies vocabulary with peers.

Strategy Basics

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    Factors Affecting Student Achievement

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    Rigor/Relevance Framework

    The Rigor/Relevance Framework is a tool developed by staff of the International Center for Leadership in Education to examine curriculum, instruction, and assessment. The Rigor/Relevance Framework is based on two dimensions of higher standards and student achievement. 

    First, there is the Knowledge Taxonomy, a continuum based on the six levels of Bloom's Taxonomy, which describes the increasingly complex ways in which we think. The low end involves acquiring knowledge and being able to recall or locate that knowledge. The high end labels the more complex ways in which individuals use knowledge, such as taking several pieces of knowledge and combining them in both logical and creative ways. 

    The second continuum, known as the Application Model, is one of action. Its five levels describe putting knowledge to use. While the low end is knowledge acquired for its own sake, the high end signifies use of that knowledge to solve complex real-world problems and to create unique projects, designs, and other works for use in real-world situations. 

    The Rigor/Relevance Framework has four quadrants. Each is labeled with a term that characterizes the learning or student performance at that level.

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    Strategies Transitioning to Common Core

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    Flipping Strategies Activities

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