Below are samples of our online tournaments. 

These are all practice tests.   They will tell you how many questions you answered correctly, but you will not be able to look at the questions and answers after you take the test.
However, when you take the competition exam, once you finish and submit the test, you will be able to see the question, your answer and the correct answer.
The following examples are below:

1. Open Enrollment Trivia Tournament 
2. Primary Online
3. Elementary Online
4. Mid Level Online
5. High School Online

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    Sample Primary Humanities

    There are 80 questions on this test. You will have 50 minutes to complete the test.
    This is a practice test. The test will help you learn to navigate ALCA and learn to test as a team. You may take the practice tests as many times as you wish. Have fun!

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    Mid Level Mathematics Sample

    This is a sample of the Mid Level Mathematics test.  There are almost always fewer questions on the math test.  For Mid Level, JVHS and HS calculators are allowed.  In JVHS and HS calculators are recommended.  Elementary and Primary tests do not allow calculators but do allow pencil and paper.

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    Elementary Social Studies Sample

    This is an example of an elementary social studies test.

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    PRACTICE HS Language Arts Test

    For sample purposes the questions were not weighted.  In a normal tests the more writer will give the more difficult questions an extra point or two to assist in breaking a tie.  'Regular' questions will be worth 1 points.   For tournament purposes there will be beween 75-100 questions on all HS tests.

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    Thinko de Mayo

    The first year we held the trivia tournament it ran during the first week of May and it was named Thinko-de-Mayo! 

    This is the Thinko-de-Mayo test from 2008. It will run as a practice test. You may take it as many times as you would like.

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