• ALCA Community

    • Purpose

      Empowers learning communities in the use of Standards, Curriculum and Assessment.

    • Mission

      Empowers communities in the innovative development and use of knowledge.

    • Vision

      Empowers communities by customizing solutions that support the innovative development and use of knowledge.

    • History

      The Aurora Learning Community Association (ALCA) story started with Oklahoma's only Technology Innovation Challenge grant funded through USDoE for $ 5.4 million.
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  • Learning Organizations

    • K12 Organizations

      Using data driven processes, districts focus on standards, curriculum, and assessments.

    • Career Technology Centers

      Learning and collaborating with online course delivery is provided by the ODCTE.  Visit our sister community at iCAT.

    • Showcase Organizations

      Pryor Public Schools

      District-sponsored web site supports community outreach and teacher web sites.

    • Enid Public Schools

      Enid PS supports their PLC activities and blended learning.

    • OAAC

      The Oklahoma Association for Academic Competition supports competitive team testing online.

  • Seven Steps Forward

    • ALCA members address:

      1. Data – Analyze professional and learning data sets. 

      2. Standards – Identify standard vocabulary, practices, and learning goals. 

      3. Map – Unwrap essential standards for Standards Mapping. 

      4. Plan – Plan professional growth and student instruction. 

      5. Assessment – Select or develop planned assessment using rubrics, tests, forms, and portfolios. 

      6. Curriculum – Select or develop planned curriculum resources. 

      7. Process – Establish processes for supporting learning.

  • Individual Membership

    • Novice Membership

      Novice Members can create resources within their private, virtual locker.

    • Scholar Membership

      Scholar Members are highly involved in their education and learning. They can join courses, classes, or professional teams. Scholars may also align resources to standards.

    • Professional Membership

      Professional Members may use the Planner to create plans for instruction or resource use.

    • Professional Plus Membership

      Professional+ Members may enroll learners in their rooms. Learners then may participate in benchmark assessments, project or professional tasks, student assignments, or comprehensive e-learning.

  • Organization Membership

    • Public or private schools, technology centers, higher education institutions, nonprofits, and even for-profits may establish an organization in ALCA.
    • Home Organization

      Home organizations can establish their own learning standards, competencies, rooms, resources, and memberships. They also can have their own interface providing a unique "brand' for their organization. An example of a Home Organization is "Fairview Public Schools".

    • Site Organization

      A Site (i.e., department, division, etc.) Organization may be associated with a Home Organization providing site-based management for site members. An example of a Site Organization is "Fairview High School".

  • Professional Development

    • Administrative Tools

      Free administrators from having to manage and track their educators' participation. Afford anytime, anywhere PD for your staff.

    • Forward Online

      Educators may access required PD online.  Users are presented with a series of tasks to reinforcing concepts. District PD management system is now available.

    • Face to Face

      Receive face-to-face professional development supporting your Professional Learning Community focusing on Standards, Curriculum, and Assessments,  Call 580.227.1007

  • Grant Development

    • ALCA brings key resources to grant project initiatives.

      Project Web Site

      Establish a web presence for your project.

    • Content Development Tools

      Develop 17 resources (e.g., tests, rubrics, web pages, video, files, curriculum) online.

    • Collaborative Tools

      Facilitates content development and communication online.

    • Evaluation Services

      Collaborate with high quality evaluation teams.

    • Sustainability

      Products, services, and cadre can be maintained and supported after the grant period.

    • Dissemination

      Disseminate resources free or at cost to educators in multiple districts.



A collaboration of

Professional Learning Communities


Comprehend, Map, Plan, and Manage

through the

Seven Steps Forward


Data > Standards > Map > Plan > Assessment > Curriculum > Process


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  • ALCA Services

      Comprehend Login
    • Community

      Establish a community dedicated to members focused on unique content and workflows.

    • Organizations

      Establish an Organization that supports a subgroup of community members.

    • Rooms

      Create a room within an organization to support a group of members accomplishing a common set of tasks.

  • 1. Data

    • Comprehend OCCT

      Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests for grades 3-8 and the End-of-Instruction (EOI) secondary levels.

    • Comprehend TAKS

      Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills for public elementary and secondary schools.

    • Comprehend EPAS

      ACT's EPAS® system provides a longitudinal, systematic approach to educational and career planning.

    • Comprehend WIDA

      World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment addresses the academic English language proficiency of students.

    • Comprehend NWEA

      Northwest Evaluation Association's Measures of Academic Progress (MPA) tests present students engaging, age-appropriate content.

  • 2. Standards

    • Professional Development is essential in identifying and using Standards for learning, vocabulary, and practices. This is essential for learners to learn and professionals to have a common dialogue about professional growth. 

    • Laying the Foundation

      ALCA provides professional development in the data analysis possible in Comprehend Data. This introduction to Comprehend Data places an emphasis on data vocabulary and essential resources provided by one's State Department of Education.

    • Strengths & Weaknesses

      This professional development guides an educator through identifying their students' strengths and weaknesses. It provides a highly focused direction for moving instruction forward.

  • 3. Map

  • 4. Plan

    • The ALCA Planner supports powerful planning for instruction and team development.

    • Wrapping Instructional Plans

      Wrap standards around plans to focus instruction.

    • Planning your Plans

      Utilize the ALCA Planner to maximize teaching, learning and professional growth.

    • Differentiated & RTI Planning

      Differentiated instruction and Response To Intervention is essential for all students to learn.

    • Planning for Online Delivery

      Planning e-learning or blended learning is essential for one-to-one or distance learning initiatives.

  • 5. Assessment

  • 6. Curriculum

  • 7. Process

    • T–Learning

      Traditional Learning involves face-to-face instruction and learning.

    • B–Learning

      Blended Learning blends face-to-face and online instruction and learning.  

    • E–Learning

      Electronic Learning provides online instruction and learning.

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