1. Team make-up may change for each subject area quiz.
  2. There is no limit to the number of team members.
  3. Teachers/Coaches are not to assist students in determining the answer to a question.
  4. Students work as a team to answer the questions. Students may confer with one another on each question.
  5. Outside sources, unless specifically stated in the instructions, will not be allowed.
  6. Each quiz is timed. The opening screen will tell how much time is allotted for each quiz.
  7. If you leave the quiz before completing the last question choose 'exit'. When returning to finish, the quiz will resume on the next question. The team will have only the remaining time to complete the quiz.
  8. Practice QuizzesThere are practice quizzes. They are labeled practice in the title of the quiz. The quiz you take for this years competition does NOT say practice.
  9. A team may take a quiz for a score after the results have been posted. The late score will not change the posted results. The late score will be added to the team totals for sweepstakes consideration.
  10. The time between the test being due and the results becoming final is the grace period. Scores will still be counted if you complete the test during the grace period.  Once the scores become final, the score tally will be included in the sweepstakes results, but will not change the ranking for the individual test.
  11. All ties for champion or runner-up placing will be broken. Questions in each quiz have been preselected as tie breakers. The team with the most correct answers on the preselected questions will be given five points to break the tie. If the score is still tied after the preselected questions have been evaluated the team finishing the quiz in the fastest time will be declared the winner.

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