Data Driven Lesson Development (Draft)

This check list is a work in progress exploring the optimum checklist for developing classroom lessons that are:

  1. Determined through data driven decisions,
  2. Aligned with standards,
  3. Useful as benchmark lessons, and
  4. Useful source of classroom artifacts for assessment items (benchmark tests).

Print off copy and use as reference. One may duplicate and edit own version with expectation that one would share with others. To access this shared draft use following key and password.

Key: [ yt8Im4V3Gq ]
Password: [ lessonchecklist ]

SOPI Score Review Record result, referenced objective, score, etc
Content standard/Objective to address.  
Process standard/objective to address.  
Lesson Assessment Potential Record result, referenced objective, score, etc
Student products applicable to CRT/EOI assessment items  
Lesson DoK range support 1-4 difficulty levels  
Lesson can generate content & process assessment items  
Shared Vision Record result, referenced objective, score, etc
Lesson will be utilized across district  
Lesson fits into vertical alignment  

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