U.S. Presidents

Hello and welcome to this lesson series on the Presidents of the United States.

Before we start in earnest, I want to talk about some things that more generally affect the study of individual leaders throughout history.

Firstly, we will be talking about slavery and Native American Removal, this will be upsetting, but it’s necessary to understand Early American History, especially in relation to the presidents.

Second, it is important to remember that even though we talk about presidents’ administrations as if they were the only members, they of course were not. The Jefferson presidency had hundreds of people not named Thomas Jefferson involved and the same is true of every president.

From the angle of these lessons, some of these presidents didn’t do that much that was historically important and even less did things that come up in academic competitions, so there won’t be a quiz on each president even though there will be a section on each of them and questions on them will appear in quizzes after other presidents’ sections. For this reason, some of the sections will be extremely short.

Another point of housekeeping before we begin, I am writing this set in August of 2020, so it won’t feature anything about the results of the election, since I don’t know them yet. With all that out of the way, let’s start learning about the Presidents of the United States.


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